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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Promising Paths: Health Promoting Higher Education – Reflections, Challenges & Future Frontiers
Mark Dooris


Concurrent Sessions A

A1i: Exploring Active Classrooms in the College and University Setting
Gillian C Barton, Kay Cooper


A1ii: Teaching and Learning Health Promotion Experientially
Kate Tairyan, Rosie Dhaliwal, Amber Bolu


A3i: Integrating Mindfulness into the Culture of the University – An Unexpected Journey – Learnings in Innovation, Collaboration, and Entrepreneurship
Derek Gratz, Annette LaGrange


A6ii: Healthy Relationships with Alcohol and Other Substances in Residence: a Provincial Scan of Principles and Promising Practices
Catriona Remocker, Tim Dyck


A6iii: Student’s Perceptions of Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol Policies on Campus in Denmark
Christiane Stock


A6iv: A ‘Social Norms’- Intervention to Prevent and/or Reduce Substance Use among University Students in Germany: Preliminary Findings Of the INSIST (Internet Based Social Norms Intervention for the Prevention of Substance Use among Students) Study
Stefanie Maria Helmer


A7iv: Alicante University Development of a Healthy University
José Ramón Martínez-Riera, Rafael Muñoz Guillena


A8i: The Association of Nutrition Behaviours and Physical Activity with General and Central Obesity in Caribbean Undergraduate Students
Melecia Wright


A8iii: Psychology and Universities: Towards the Construction of Universities That Promote Health
Cecilia Chau Pérez-Aranibar


A9i: Student Perceptions of a Healthy University
Maxine L Holt


A9ii: Active Tasmania – How an Australian University Improves Community Health and Well-Being
Lucy Byrne


A9iii: Leveraging Partnerships: ACTUALLY Doing More with Less
Janice MacInnis


A9iv: The Austrian Network of Health-Promoting Universities and Institutions of Higher Education: Networking as Strategy for Successful Setting-Related Health Promotion
Waltraud Sawczak, Kirsten Sleytr


A10iii: Healthy Sydney University, the University of Sydney, Australia
Elly Howse


A11iv: Breast Cancer Awareness for Young Women on Campus
Lorna Larsen


A12i: WELLNESS = C (D + A) Wellness through Wisdom: Application of an Innovative and Practical Wellness Model
Michele Regehr, David Stinson


A12ii: Instructional Language Fluency and Self-Efficacy in College
Alexis R Georgeson


A12iii: Assessing Mental Stress and Associated Risk Comportments among University Students in Three Different Socio-Cultural Contexts. A study in Algeria, France and Hungary, 2011-2013.
Joel Ladner


A13ii: UBCO’s ESS: Campus Integration within the Local Food System and Natural Ecosystems of the Okanagan
Jennifer Congdon, Paula Meehan


A14i: Competencies and Sexuality Education: Conceptual Frameworks and New Challenges for Health–Education Sector Collaboration
Mary Guinn Delaney


A14ii: Traumatic Experiences, Mental Health and Risky Sexual Behavior in Students at a Caribbean University Campus
T Alafia Samuels


Concurrent Sessions B

B1: Engaging the Whole Community: Campuses that Flourish
Michele D Ribeiro, Bonnie Hemrick, Jacqueline Alvarez, Demitrius Brown


B3: Creating Conditions for Well-Being within Learning Environments: Bridging Research and Practice
Rosie Dhaliwal, Alisa Stanton, David Zandvliet


B4: Creating Thriving Campuses
Natasha Moore, Tracey Hawthorn, Kelly White, Jan Byrd


B5: Addressing Well-being through Policy
Tara Black, Su-Ting Teo, Cheryl Washburn, Jo Hinchliffe, Janet Teasdale, Mona Maleki


B7: A Systematic and Systemic Wellness Strategy Model to be America’s Healthiest Campus(r)
Suzy Harrington


B11: Inter-disciplinary Collaboration in Designing Physical Spaces That Support Well-Being
Crystal Hutchinson, Marc Fontaine, Marcos Eric Olindan


B12: Connecting Health, Sustainability and Climate Change: A Whole University ‘Co-Benefits’ Approach Illustrated with reference to Food Examples from UK Universities
Mark Dooris, Sharon Doherty, Lizzie Sabine, Sue Powell, Maxine Holt


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Concurrent Sessions C

C1i: Student Voice: An Active Medium to a Healthy Campus Community
Katie Mai, Ravina Gill, Crystal Hutchinson


C2i: R U a Lifesaver at College? : Understanding Suicide, Supporting Students, & Promoting Hope
Stephanie Szigethy, Allison Pearce


C2ii: Promoting Mentally Healthy Campuses
Lesley E Beagrie


C3i: Alcohol Consumption among University Students: Using a Taxonomy of Alcohol Consumption to Frame Interventions
Michael Byrne


C5i: From Health Promotion in a Setting to a Settings-Based Approach: Shifting Health Promotion Practice at Three Post-Secondary Institutions in Alberta
Ashley Humeniuk, Rachelle McGrath, Melissa Visconti


C5ii: Canadian Standards for Health Promotion in Higher Education
Juannittah Kamera


C7ii: Active Healthy at the University of Alicante – Promotora University Health / Healthy University. A Challenge and an Opportunity
José Ramón Martínez-Riera, Rafael Muñoz Guillena


C7iii: Physical Activity and Well-Being in University Staff
Kay Cooper


C8i: Healthy University Program at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain: an Application of Charter of Edmonton Objectives (2005-15)
Ana M Martínez Pérez, Carmen Gallardo


C8ii: Development of the Healthy University Movement in the Asia-Pacific Region
Lancelot WH Mui


C8iii: Towards a Thriving University: from Design to Delivery
Rachel Riedel


C8iv: Healthy Settings, Healthy Students: Outcomes and Opportunities
Peggy Patterson


C10i: MoveU: Collaborative Planning to Increase Student Physical Activity on Campus
Michelle Brownrigg


C10ii: Physical Activity and Well-Being in University Students
Gillian C Barton


C10iv: Increased Wellness amongst Active Commuters to a Newly Urban University Campus in Alberta
Suzanne McIntosh, Sue Kovach


C11iii: Approaching to Mechanisms of Action that make Possible the Operation of an Inclusion Program of People with Disabilities Javeriana University in Bogotá
Clara Viviana Aldana Sierra


C12iii: Interventions in Health Promotion and Prevention in Public Spaces on Campus: The Experience of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
María Soledad Zuzulich, Náyade Rodríguez


Concurrent Sessions D

D1ii: Post-Secondary Student Mental Health: A Guide to a Systemic Approach
Su-Ting Teo, Cheryl Washburn, Patricia Kostouros


D3i: Collaboration Is Key: How Strategic Alliances Helped to Establish a Sustainable Tobacco Prevention, Reduction, and Cessation Program at Thompson Rivers University
Chelsea L Corsi, Janine Chan


D3ii: Social and Psychological Factors Related to Lifestyle Profiles among University Students in a Chilean University
Gabriela Nazar


D3iii: Active Ageing in an Intergenerational Perspective: A Strategy for a Health Promoting University
Elza Maria de Souza


D4i: Organizational Compassion: an Approach to Building Healthy Campus Communities
Anne H Simmonds


D4ii: Healthy Campus 2020: Connect, Collaborate, Create
Allison J Smith, Michelle Burcin


D5iii: Academy of Indigenous Scholars; Vision Questing
Anthony Isaac


D7i: The Healthy Universities Self Review Tool: has it Supported Higher Education Institutions to Understand and Embed a Whole System Healthy University Approach?
Mark Dooris, Sue Powell, Sharon Doherty, Maxine Holt


D8i: Promoting Wellness: Application of a Wise “Decision-Making Grid” for Community Nursing
Deborah A Gibson, Michele Regehr


D8ii: Piloting Professional Development in Health Education for BEd Students: a Call to Action
Angela S Alberga, Michelle Tkachuk, Alana Ireland


D8iv: Public Health Applied Baccalaureate in the Washington State Technical College System
Grace Lasker


D9i: Consumer Research & Concept Pilot Indicate that the “Healthy Kitchen” Retail Foodservice Concept is Poised for Success with the Right Healthy Menu and Marketing Mix
Karen Williams


D9iii: Texting-Based Sexual Health Initiative: SextEd, a Case Study
Iradele Plante


D9iv: Healing Through Action: SARA (Sexual Assault and Rape Awareness) Program
Lauren Gaudet


D10i: Universities as a Strong Partner in the Process of National Health Policies Implementation
Irena Miseviciene


D11i: Healthy Sydney University, Mental Wellbeing Review
Elly Howse


D11ii: Creating a Culturally Competent Depression Prevention Program in Schools
Wing Yan (Annabelle) Wong


D11iii: The Students’ Perspective: Supporting Student Mental Health through Campus Change
Megan E Tanner, Sarah Slocombe


D11iv: Adapting the Guarding Minds @ Work Tool to Better Understand Systemic Impacts on Student Psychosocial Well-being in Higher Education
Alisa Stanton


D12i: Health Risk Behaviours, Psychological Distress and Passive Coping Clustering among University Students in Ireland: Implications for College Health Promotion
Christine Deasy


D12ii: Application of an Orientation Program on Sexual Health for College Students in Northwestern Mexico
Liliana Vizcarra Esquer


D12iv: Professional interventions in Health Promotion and Prevention to Prevent Skin Cancer in the University Community of the Catholic University of Chile
María Soledad Zuzulich, Náyade Rodríguez


D13iii: Participatory Models as the Basis for Consolidation of National UPS Networks: REDCUPS Lessons Learned
María Constanza Granados Mendoza