Conference Details

Conference Goals

The 2015 International Conference on Health Promoting Universities and Colleges/VII International Congress created a dynamic meeting place for researchers, practitioners, administrators, students and policy-makers from around the world to explore pressing issues and identify promising paths for healthy and sustainable campus development.

The conference was intended to mobilize the power and highlight the responsibilities of institutions of higher education to:

  • DEVELOP vibrant campus environments where everyone thrives
  • PROVIDE exceptional learning opportunities
  • ADVANCE knowledge and practices that contribute to other campuses and communities locally and globally

The interactive conference design supported knowledge exchange among a diversity of people interested in the intersections of: human and environmental health and wellbeing, ecosystem sustainability, economic development, and learning and productivity on campuses and beyond. The conference included plenaries, panels, concurrent sessions, talking circles, networking, and consensus building.

Delegates have co-designed the Okanagan Charter to inspire and  guide future action. Through dialogue, network activity and drawing from the 2005 Edmonton Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Institutions of Higher Education, the new Charter will shape a conference outcome that is meaningful for moving forward in the context of other key developments such as the Post-2015 Development Agenda and Health in All Policies, and initiatives such as Healthy Cities.


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Have your voice heard!

Participate in the renewal themes for the Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Institutions of Higher Education

  • Move towards a research agenda in the health promoting institutions of higher education/healthy and sustainable campuses movements.

  • Brainstorm ways to educate for health promotion: academic specialization, terminal programs or mainstreaming in the curriculum, and health literacy?

  • Learn from and share stories of the transition to health promoting institutions of higher education from the perspective of social and environmental determinants, innovation and best practices.

  • Contribute to processes to identify appropriate Charter activation and/or certification processes to accelerate positive change in health promoting institutions of higher education.

Be part of leading-edge Charter developments that aim to build integration between emerging research, policy and practice in areas of health, sustainability, and well-being!